Hai Trieu Luong

Hai Trieu Luong






1.] LET IN THE LIGHT; Open the curtains and pull up the shades to let in as much natural light as possible. Letting in natural light will help showcase the beautiful details of the home. Some buyers appreciate skylights which is a great feature to have in your home because its also energy efficient.



2.] DEEP CLEAN YOUR HOME; A dirty home does not look well maintained for the buyer. The first 5 seconds of the showing is very important because the buyer can simply choose to not continue the showing if the home smells and or looks dirty. Clean your home from top to bottom.


3.] STAGING; Having your home staged to look more appealing to buyers can make a difference. Not everyone has an eye for interior decorating so if you can add in the bed set and a nice coach with a television set it can give the buyers and idea of the size of furniture they might want to purchase for their new home.


4.] DE CLUTTER; All of your belongings do not sell with the home, so now is the time to de clutter and remove personal items such as photos or collections. Simplicity is best when it comes to showing homes. Less is always more.


5.] CURB APPEAL; A buyers first impression is when they pull up to the driveway. Maintain the lawn and trim the trees. Sometimes having an unkept yard can make the buyer feel as if that is future chores they'll have to worry about and may not be interested in buying the home. Make sure the home is tidy and well kept.


6.] PETS; If you have pets, you need to make their presence disappear. Food bowls should be stored and toys hidden. Not every buyer is found of pets and or allergic to them. Having a clean and pet smell free home will be most appropriate when showing your home.


7.] DON'T STAY;  When your home has a showing scheduled, you need to leave. A buyer wants to feel comfortable inspecting your home which is difficult to do if you are there. They want to make their own judgemental on your home. So lock the door behind you after you have followed steps 1-6.


There you have it. 7 helpful tips for first time home sellers to prepare for showings. Agents rate your showings, which future agents can see. Maintain your homes status and desirability and remember these steps for a successful listing.